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With Inspyer Advanced Vibration Technology, ongoing monitoring of equipment allows these signs of wear and damage to be identified well before the damage becomes an expensive problem. Our goal is to give you the right information to make well-informed decisions. So you can do the right thing. The right way. At the right time. 

Few others have as much industry experience and knowledge of Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance as Inspyer. Between the two of us we have over 60 years experience in New Zealand and our investment in vibration analysis equipment is second-to-none.

As a former President of Vibrations Association of New Zealand for 8 years, Colin has been awarded Life Membership for his contributions to the industry.

Need remote monitoring? Inspyer also implements Condition Monitoring Systems. Using a combination of handheld online monitoring systems we can take data directly and feed it back into control systems to make maintenance decisions remotely.

     Increased Productivity
               Reduce Downtime
                         End result - Long Term Cost Effective Savings

So reduce your cost of ownership and enjoy the long term benefits of well-maintained equipment. 
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